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After a good night’s sleep we feel refreshed and energised, ready to make the most of each day with a clear mind. That’s why we developed Dagsmejan sleepwear, a unique range of sleepwear designed for incredible sleep comfort all night, every night.
Sleep is one of the most powerful tools for a better tomorrow—we can literally sleep our way to becoming happier, healthier, smarter and faster. Sleep is key for our health and the right temperature is key for our sleep. With a super soft touch as well as unique moisture-wicking and temperature management properties, Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort.

Catarina & Andreas, Co-founders 

Catarina Dahlin and Andreas Lenzhofer, Dagsmejan


Dagsmejan is a Swedish word that refers to the last days of winter when the warmth of the sunshine melts the snow even when the temperature is still below zero. It derives from two words, dag which means day and meja which means strength and power. It's the time when nature awakens after a dark and cold period. The power of nature was our inspiration for creating a high performance sleepwear range using the latest technology and all natural fibres to give you the ultimate sleeping experience. Wake up as refreshed as on the first day of spring with Dagsmejan. 

How to sleep bettter with Dagsmejan sleepwear

Temperature control

ideal sleeping temperature

Temperature fluctuations during the night impact our sleep negatively. Our sleepwear is scientifically proven to  help you to get a better sleep by staying in the ideal climatic comfort zone. Keep the best temperature for sleep with the most comfortable pajamas in the world. 


Beat the night sweats

Did you know that sweat the equivalence of one cup of water every night on average? Our sleepwear wicks moisture away while providing ultimate breathability to ensure that you don’t overheat. The best pajamas for night sweats. 


The most comfortable pajamas in the world

We move 50 times every night. Our sleepwear has been tested extensively in consumer fit trials to ensure it moves with your body. Flat seams, no tags, and carefully engineered waistbands mean you enjoy amazing comfort, all night. The most comfortable sleepwear for a better sleep, every night. 


Soft pyjamas=ultimate night comfort

As we sleep, blood flow to our skin increases as our cells regenerate and our skin becomes more sensitive to touch. Our sleepwear is twice as soft as cotton and with our light-weight, stretch fabrics there is nothing to rub you the wrong way during the night. Experience the comfort of a truly soft pyjamas

Swedish Design, Swiss Textile Innovation, Made In Europe

the dagsmejan ecosystem

In our quest to improve the way we sleep we sought out the very best collaboration partners. The Dagsmejan team and ecosystem consists of sleep scientists, textile engineers, and research and manufacturing partners from leading institutions and companies across Europe. We are united by our passion and vision—to find new ways to improve our lives through a better night's sleep. 

We work with sleep experts to truly understand how our temperature and movement impacts our sleep quality. Through an ongoing interdisciplinary research project in Switzerland we test and develop the best materials to support our sleep. We use a Swedish design philosophy focusing on truly merging form and function and all our garments are produced in Europe. 

Swedish pajamas, Swiss Textile Engineering