Coming soon: a brand-new collection of reinvented sleepwear (some garments are already available for pre-order). Our high-tech natural fabric is scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort for better sleep quality.
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“Dagsmejan has teamed up with sleep researchers, textile designers and material scientists to develop a brand-new type of sleepwear. By transferring the technological advancements seen in sportswear to sleepwear, Dagsmejan optimally boosts our sleep.”

“Dagsmejan sleepwear uses natural fibres that have been optimised to absorb heat and moisture from the body, and if necessary diffuse it to the fabric’s exterior, so that the layer closest to our skin remains smooth and dry to touch.”

“Together with Empa and the Lucerne School of Art and Design the start-up Dagsmejan has developed a brand-new type of pyjamas. Dagsmejan sleepwear ensure a better night’s sleep by moderating the body’s temperature fluctuations.”

“Thanks to extensive research, Dagsmejan has combined a number of intelligent qualities to make the perfect garments to aid your sleep. Their cutting-edge fabric technology maintains the ideal temperature for sleep, allowing extreme breathability, so that your body temperature remains at a comfortable level.”

“Wearing high-tech sleepwear for temperature control can help improve the quality of REM sleep in order to wake up refreshed, productive, and ready to face the day….. The clothing helps banish night sweats and helps people get their best performance the morning after.”

“They are set on revolutionizing the way we sleep and bringing pyjamas into the age of science and design to ensure their customers achieve the optimal temperature for restful and comfortable sleep.”



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All products are made in Europe and every production step meets the highest OEKO-TEX® standards.


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