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sleep comfort guarantee

Sleep in your Dagsmejan sleepwear for up to 2 weeks, if you don’t love it you can return it for a full refund.

The Stay Warm Collection

Stay warm but never overheat with ultra-light breathable NATTWARM™ fabric. Featuring nature's luxury performance fibres—the finest merino wool and Tencel from eucalyptus—you can enjoy a deeper and longer sleep. 

- 50% lighter warmth than other fabrics 

- 4x more breathable than cotton 

2x softer than cotton


merino wool pajamas
thermal pyjamas

The Balance Collection

Find your balance with smart sleepwear that adjusts to your natural temperature, never be too hot or too cold again. Fibres from beechwood have been enhanced with a patented technology to give you NATTWELL™;

- 6 x more breathable than cotton 

- 4x better at drawing sweat away from the skin 

- 2x softer than cotton



Enjoy the smoothest, coolest sleep comfort with NATTCOOL™ fabric. The result? You wake up truly awake without ever overheating.

- 8x more breathable than cotton 

- Dries in 1/3 of the time of cotton

- Releases water vapour 60% better than cotton


tencel pyjamas

Natural fibres, Scientifically Proven

Swedish Design, Swiss textile engineering, Sustainably made in Europe


A change in sleep wear changed my life!!

So comfortable and soft, fits great, very stylish.  Keeps me from sleeping hot and cold with it's technology.


I can’t believe how comfortable this material is

Not only soft and breathable but cosy and nurturing - puts me in a wonderful mindset of feeling luxurious in a simple way. 


These pyjamas are indeed sensational!

What is promised in terms of heat balance and moisture absorption actually corresponds to the properties of these products. I am happy to have discovered these pyjamas.


Most comfortable sleepwear

Simply the lightest, most comfortable sleepwear.


Wonderful nightie

I'm sleeping much better now, thank you :-)


The Dagsmejans are amazing.

They just keep on feeling soft, light and clean night after night, whereas my cotton pj's turned into a reeking bundle of sweat after a night or two.


very soft and you feel like you are wearing nothing!

Have helped enormously with cooling my body down at night when I have flushes due to the menopause.  My flushes aren't as bad at all wearing these. I can't recommend these enough.. Well worth the money.


Great Sleep Shirt

I've been using the Sleep T-Shirt for several weeks now and I love the material. It's very light and you don't feel the seams at all when lying on them.


The Comfort is Sensational!

The comfort of the Dagsmejan pajamas is sensational. I did not want to take it off anymore. I can even see myself wearing it as loungewear.