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Find Your Temperature


WHY? Temperature changes at night reduce our sleep quality, meaning we struggle to achieve deep sleep. 

HOW? Dagsmejan sleepwear is packed with millions of breathable nanocapillaries. This helps to keep your skin temperature 1 degree cooler at night when the temperature rises compared to cotton. The result? You sleep easy instead of overheating.

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Better Sleep, No Sweat

4 X Better Than Cotton at Drawing Sweat Away from Your Skin

WHY? We all sweat. But damp, uncomfortable skin can cause us to suffer poor sleep quality, or even wake up. Leaving us tired and restless. 

HOW? Dagsmejan fabric transports moisture away from your skin. Meaning you enjoy the cooling effect of evaporation without ever feeling damp.

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A Perfect Fit, All Night

95% Rate It 10/10 for Comfort

WHY? We move while we sleep. If our sleepwear doesn't fit perfectly, it's easy to get tangled and uncomfortable. 

HOW? Dagsmejan sleepwear moves with your body. No tags. flat seams, and carefully engineered waistbands mean you enjoy amazing comfort all night.

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The Softest Touch, The Deepest Sleep

2 X as Soft as Cotton

WHY? As we sleep, blood flow to our skin increases as our cells regenerate and our skin becomes more sensitive to touch.

HOW? The secret to Dagsmejan softness is MicroModal. A super-soft and sustainable natural fibre made from beech wood.


Natural Fibers With High-Tech Super Powers

Natural sleepwear

Nattwell® fabric is based on a natural fibre called MicroModal that is both soft on the skin and exceptionally ecological. The fibre is extracted from beech wood, a unique tree that has grown in Europe for thousands of years. MicroModal is produced using Edelweiss® technology, a production process that is low on energy usage and other resources.

Thanks to extensive research the key has been found to enhance the properties of the MicroModal fibre, giving you Nattwell®—a breakthrough new fabric used in all Dagsmejan sleepwear. The natural moisture absorption properties of the fibre's core remain unchanged, while the outer layer is adapted to make it water resistant and repel moisture. This gives Nattwell® fabric revolutionary moisture and temperature management properties.

Designed for Sleep

The Dagsmejan® Sleep Design

By assessing our nightly temperature and sweat patterns, as well as sleep positions and movements, we have been able to design a unique range of clothing optimised for sleep. Dagsmejan sleepwear will keep you in the ideal climatic comfort zone for longer, helping to boost the duration and quality of your sleep.

Through extensive research, testing and knitting trials we have found a unique way to seamlessly integrate temperature and moisture-control zones in high-sweat areas supporting optimal temperature regulation and moisture wicking throughout the night. This type of technique has never been used with natural fibres before and allows us to offer the best of performance fibres in a totally natural way.

Dagsmejan Balance

Superior Benefits Confirmed in Tests

Dagsmejan Balance collection is using Nattwell® fabric, a unique high tech natural fiber that combines both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. Nattwell® has been tested against a wide range of natural and synthetic fibers , the results show that Nattwell keeps you longer in the ideal climatic zone during the night for a more restful sleep.

Keep the Best Temperature for Sleep Moisture-Free

Laboratory tests by EMPA, Swiss federal institution for innovation in materials & science, show that Dagsmejan sleepwear releases excess heat 6 times better than cotton and is more than 4 times better at moisture transport. The result? You have a higher quality sleep. 

Proven in tests

Keep Your Temperature One Degree Cooler

Independent testing in sleep climate chamber shows how Dagsmejan sleepwear keeps you at the right temperature even the the room temperature rises. 

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