Stay Warm

Want to stay warm but never overheat? With a luxurious blend of merino wool and Tencel from Eucalyptus you can enjoy a featherlight breathable warmth.

The science behind Nattwarm—Stay Warm™

Nattwarm™ fabric has been specially engineered to offer ultra light warmth. Tested against fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, and synthetics, Nattwarm™ is more warming than textiles up to 50% heavier. Latest studies has shown that we can sleep up to 15 minutes longer with merino wool sleepwear by falling asleep faster and enjoying a deeper sleep.

Technology merino pyjamas—Nattwarm

A luxurious blend of merino wool and eucalyptus

Nattwarm™ fabric consist of a blend of nature’s performance fibres, that give you the ultimate breathable, warm sleep comfort. TENCEL™ from eucalyptus, nature’s high tech fibre, for breathable softness. Luxury merino wool for comfort and warmth. We use mulesing free merino wool from farms in Tasmania, Uruguay, Argentina and New Zealand. Only a small portion comes from Australia and then it’s certified mulesing-free yarn.

All steps of the production process of Dagsmejan sleepwear are Oekotex certified to ensure that we take care of not only our customers but also the environment.

The sleep design

Designed for a great night's sleep, every night. By assessing our nightly temperature and sweat patterns, as well as sleep positions and movements, we have been able to design a unique collection of sleepwear optimised for sleep.

Sleep design