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Breathable and moisture-wicking, the new Balance 2.0 collection nightwear range creates the ultimate climate zone for your body so you'll never fee...

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InStyle Dagsmejan

Better sleep comfort

The breathable sleepwear keeps you warm the whole night without ever overheating and ensures that you enjoy a better sleep comfort. 

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Glamour Dagsmejan

For the frosty nights

Thanks to the mix of Merino wool and Tencel fibres this sleepwear makes sure that you keep the right temperature for sleep the entire night.

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Dagsmejan Health and Fitness

Upgrade your PJ's

You wouldn't go for a run, hit the gym, or go to work in clothes that are not designed for the job. Yet most of us sleep in an old T-shirt. Consid...

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Sleep well

Dagsmejan offers sleepwear scientifically proven to boost your sleep comfort. With high-tech natural fibres Dagsmejan helps you to beat the night s...

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Aftonbladet Söndag Dagsmejan

Sleep better

Do you have problems to find pyjamas or nightgowns that doesn't disturb you when you sleep? The new brand Dagsmejan has with the help of Swiss tech...

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topp hälsa dagsmejan


With this set you never have to be afraid of being cold at night; a lovely top with cuffs and leggings in a comfortable fit made of merino wool.

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amelia dagsmejan

Real sleeping pills

A pyjamas that with Swiss technology give you the perfect temperature for sleep,  avoid sweat and with no disturbing seams.

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neue bürcher beitung dagmsejan

Good night

A new pyjama promises unprecedented sleeping comfort... Depending on the part of the body it warms, absorbs sweat or can be stretched particularly ...

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