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Beat insomnia by keeping the best temperature for sleep

Find out why The Manual recommend Dagsmejan as not only the most comfortable sleepwear but also highlighting how temperature regulating pajamas can help us to sleep better:  "We all know the torture of trying to sleep in an overheated bed. But if you’ve already changed out your percale sheets for more breathable fabrics like Tencel or linen, it’s time to take a look at what you’re wearing to bed. Fortunately, Swiss brand Dagsmejan is making pajamas expressly designed to keep your body at the ideal temperature for sleeping. Made from eucalyptus fibers that offer super-low thermal resistance and eight times the breathability of cotton, these silky-soft pajamas instantly release your body’s heat, wick away sweat, and somehow attract the cool night air to keep you in that perfect temperature zone — no more need to search for the “cool spot” in your bed. Personally, I prefer them even to sleeping naked." Discover what makes Dagsmejan the best sleepwear for optimal night comfort Find which range of smart pajamas that will help you keep the best temperature for sleep. From the most comfortable women's pajamas to the most comfortable sleepwear for men you can find your match for optimal night comfort. Cooling sleepwear 8x more breathable than cotton our collection of cooling pajamas will keep you comfortable even when the temperature rises. Discover our cooling nightgown and cooling pajamas for women as well as the best men's cooling pajamas SHOP cooling pajamas for ladies SHOP mens summer pajamas Temperature regulating and moisture wicking pajamas Hot and cold at night? Don't worry with the best pajamas for night sweats you will  keep the best temperature for sleep every night SHOP moisture wicking pajamas women SHOP moisture wicking pajamas men Thermal pyjamas for lightweight warmth 4x more breathable than cotton this collection of merino sleepwear will keep you comfortably warm without ever overheating SHOP thermal pyjamas womens SHOP thermal pyjamas mens

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Dagsmejan's essential pieces

"A brand that is improving people’s sleep and doing it ethically, definitely qualifies as an essential piece. Softer than silk and cooler than line...