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The more senior you are, the less sleep you are likely to get

Are you moving up the corporate ladder because you don’t need a lot of sleep? Or are you skipping sleep to move up the ladder?

Sleep by seniority level

Source: Hult International Business School

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, healthy adults should get a minimum of seven hours of sleep each night, with a recommended range of between seven to eight hours. However, a recent study conducted by Hult Business School revealed that the professionals surveyed average only around 6 ½ hours, and even less for the higher management levels.

While an extra 30 minutes of shut-eye might not seem like much, the effects of this sleep deficit are notable. According to this survey, respondents reported poorer workplace performance due to tiredness, with over half admitting to struggling to stay focused in meetings, taking longer to complete tasks, and finding it challenging to generate new ideas. Along with a lack of focus and diminished creative capacities, participants also indicated a reduced motivation to learn and being less able to manage competing demands.

These findings suggest that lack of sleep can fundamentally hinder an organization’s ability to perform at their peak. Mounting evidence suggests that the effects of sleep deprivation are a “hidden threat” that organizations need to pay attention to if they want to ensure the well-being of their staff while also gaining a competitive edge.

Or as McKinsey wrote it in their recent study, “the organizational cost of insufficient sleep can be enormous”.

So the questions everybody needs to answer individually: am I in sync with my natural sleep needs? Is me skipping sleep putting my health at risk long-term? Am I getting most value out of the time I am actually in bed?

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